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Conference Topics

EURO:TUN 2013 will be concerned with latest advances in numerical models and computational methods and application concepts for the design, construction and maintenance of tunnels and underground facilities. Topics to be addressed include:
  • spatial and temporal discretization strategies for static and dynamic numerical analyses at various scales (finite element, boundary element, particle finite element, discrete element methods, mesh-free and hybrid methods)
  • advanced(multi-phase, multi-scale)constitutivemodelsforgeological materials and materials used for supporting measures
  • model identification and sensitivity analysis
  • computer aided process control
  • computational methods in ground exploration
  • computational life cycle management, life time assessment, smart tunnels and embedded monitoring
  • logistics modeling and data management
  • softcomputing, visualization, data mining and expert systems
  • uncertainty modeling and risk analysis
  • other related topics

Confirmed Keynote-speakers

  • S. Abourizk, PhD, PEng, University of Alberta, Canada
  • K. Bergmeister, University of Vienna, Austria
  • H. Muhlhaus, University of Queensland, Australia
  • E. Oñate, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
  • B. Schrefler, University of Padova, Italy
  • J. Zhao, École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne, Switzerland

Accepted Minisymposia

MS-A1 Special Session - Joint Workshop: U. Tongji, U. Cambrigde, U. Bochum
Organizer H.W Huang, K. Soga, G. Meschke
MS-01 Numerical Modeling in Mechanized Tunnelling
Organizer K. Komiya
MS-02 Constitutive models for support materials
Organizer CH. Hellmich
MS-03 Modeling of tunneling in squeezing ground conditions
Organizer G. Anagnostou, G. Barla
MS-04 Numerical Simulation in Construction processes in tunneling
Organizer M. König
MS-05 Back analysis and inverse problems
Organizer T. Schanz, I. Dimov und M. Datcheva
MS-06 Geotechnical models and geostatistics
Organizer G. Exadaktylos
MS-07 Coupled Problems in Subsurface Engineering and Tunneling
Organizer G. Hofstetter
MS-08 Computational failure analysis in subsurface engineering
Organizer C. Callari
MS-09 Damage analysis and risk assessment for existing buildings
Organizer J. Rots
MS-10 Advanced Multiphase models for grouting materials
Organizer H. Steeb
MS-11 TBM-ground interactions
Organizer A. Bezuijen
MS-12 Computational Models for Safety and Security
Organizer G. Vollmann
MS-13 High Performance Computing in Tunneling and Subsurface Engineering
Organizer J. Stascheit
MS-14 Risk and reliability analysis
Organizer T. Vrouwenvelder